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Hi, we´re using a mini page to create requests but we are looking for a way to move from the mini page to the form page of the request. ive tried using two buttoms, one with the save data action and other with the "continue in next page" action but im having ussues with the page filtes on the form page. this could work if we save the record and the minipage stays open but it close after saving the record. 

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Dear Sean,


The following button was added in 8.0.10. This button will help to you to move from mini page form to form page quickly.


Regarding the mini pages closing after the data was added. This is the basic logic of mini pages, they were created to collect quick information, add it to the record and close.

If you want the page to stay open, please consider other options, like adding data directly on the record. 


Best regards,

Creatio Support Team

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