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I'm new to CREATIO. I'm trying to find a complete sales order import template to import sales orders to CREATIO instead of creating them one at a time. 

I tried finding one by:

  1. In the Orders function, select the ACTIONS button then Data Import,
  2. Select the “SELECT TEMPLATE” button,
  3. I get "No data" in the selection window.

After that, I tried exporting the orders already created and got a file. Sure, it gives the orders’ headers but did not give any line items.


Does anybody have a basic template to share or point me in the right direction please?

Thanks, Martin.

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Dear Martin,


We recommend checking out the following article:…


At the beginning you can find how you prepare a file, as well as some templates.


The  “SELECT TEMPLATE” button in the Data import section is responsible for saving the configuration of your imports, for example how the columns in Excel and Creatio are related, etc.


Hope this helps!


King regards,


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