Restoring saved package repeatedly failing

I am restoring a package that I have saved from and into a Creatio trial, the following error seems to be stopping the restore:

2023-02-20 21:59:01,063 Error occurred while installing data "SysModuleInWorkplace_SectionInWorkplaceManager_bb810449aaee4db7bc12146d8b56d702" in package "Certification". UId 3a8e404f-99ee-453b-97e9-1485c6cb3bbe: 23503: insert or update on table "SysModuleInWorkplace" violates foreign key constraint "FKiEw0PrrAuIapzcrL01PohOXeFM"
UPDATE "public"."SysModuleInWorkplace"

At this point all I have done is create two sections and a workplace.  I have disabled the Freedom UI interface.


I have been saving the project incrementally and it is the same error twelve saved packages further on.

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Dear Gareth,


Thanks for your question.

To find the root cause of the issue, could you please contact us at


Thanks in advance!


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