Prevent to compleate activity in the future

Hello Team!


Is possible to change the logic of this panel to prevent complete the activity if the start date is in the future?


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Solved changing this function in the ActivityPageV2


	canChangeStatus: function() {
				var CurrentDarte = new Date();
				return this.get("IsEntityInitialized") && !this.isFinalStatus() && this.isViewMode() && this.get("StartDate") < CurrentDarte &&


Nice finding, Frederico!


This should also work on the Account and Contact page, where the "complete" button for Activities is also displayed (in the top area of the main mask), right? Do you have a code example for this, too?




Robert Pordes,

I dont have a example of that code but must be very similar. Check in the code what function is calling the click.

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