Hi all, 

I'm just starting to get to grips with making API calls to Creatio and stuck trying to POST a new record, where a column is a lookup. 

I understand that I can post using the Guid to the lookup using column name "UsrLookupNameId". However, if I don't have the Id but only a value in one of the Lookups column, is that possible? 


For example, I have the lookup UsrNationality, but I only have the value "Germany" and not the ID. Or, must I first make a GET request to get the ID? 


Here is current code: 



"UsrName": "Test Name",

"UsrNationality": "Germany"



Any help much appreciated :)

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Hi Harry,

You would have to first do a GET to the lookup object to get the record where the Name = "The name", then do the POST separately using the Id value for the lookup column. So two separate calls, one to GET the lookup and a second to POST the new record.

Typically when I have code working with Creatio's API's I retrieve the needed lookups into a local cache to avoid repeatedly doing GETs to the lookups.


Thanks Ryan, that's what I thought. I used the "GET

$filter parameter (eq operator)" option in the end. 

I'm integrating using, so little harder to leave everything in local cache. Have got it working well now though. 


Thanks again for the reply.

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