Is to possible to hide a section for a timeframe?

Can we hide a section from a workplace for a certain time frame?




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If you need to hide the section for some time for a specific user or group of users/role, you can simply remove the section for the needed time from a Workplace in which the user/group of users or specific user role is working and once needed add it to the Workplace again. 
You may also consider creating a separate Workplace for this user/users so it will be easier to manage. 
However, the user will still be able to access records or a section by a direct link for example, if you need to prevent it, we'd suggest considering changing access rights for the object for the user/user role. 

If we are talking about hiding a section for a specific timeframe, for example from 4 to 5 pm each day, such implementation can be done only by means of additional development. 


Best regards,
Yuliya Gritsenko

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