Package installation - mark element as unchanged

During package installation,  message...


"Unable to install Schema "Tgnxxxxxxx" into package "Tgn0001", because the element has been modified locally. Resolve the conflict and mark the element as unchanged."


... shows when the element has been modified locally. How can I mark the element as unchanged , in order to allow its replacement ?

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Hello Ricardo, 


Please be advised that this error is indicating that the Package you are trying to use has been locally changed and was blocked by the system in order to prevent overwriting information.

If after Package importing you receive this error then it means that there was a conflict between the Package and the System.

In this case, we would recommend:

1. Resolving the Package conflict by:

    1.1 Determining if it is safe to overwrite the information.

    1.2 If the information cannot be overwritten, execute a "merge" (for example exporting the scheme to the dev-site and forming a new supply).

    1.3 If overwriting is permitted then you should unlock the Package in its context menu by pressing "Remove "Is modified" from Package elements".


2. Restoring the configuration from the automatic backup.


Hope this helps!


Best regards, 


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Thanks for your reply.

Where is the button "Remove "Is modified" from Package elements" located ?

Dear Ricardo,


The mentioned value can be found in the properties of the package elements. Open the needed package in the configuration, select the element of the package and open it's properties. 


Attaching the corresponding screenshot as well:



Best regards, 


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

The package is unlocked, and I am using the right Current package / Prefix / Maintainer, but the "Modified" checkbox is not enabled. Why is that? Could it be because my sites are cloud-based ? 

Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Any clue on this case ?


Hi, I am also having the same issue. I'm unable to uncheck the box. Can someone advise?

Lewis Pull,

Did you find a solution? having the same issue now


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