Outlook Add-On for Creatio (SmartCloud Connect for bpm'online)

Is this add-on no longer available, no longer functioning? We used this add-on from the marketplace called "SmartCloud Connect for bpm'online" for the last few years. It was free and it was great as it functioned to send 1 specific email to Creatio from a user's outlook mailbox instead of syncing all emails. Now we started seeing this error just this week:


I see there are 2 other outlook add-ons that are paid subscriptions, does anyone use those and enjoy them?


Our concerns with syncing all emails using Creatio's standard email sync feature is that unwanted emails will get synced and be visible to other users, for example a manager discussing pay or status of an employee in an email and other users seeing that once it syncs to Creatio. Is Creatio working on any enhancements so using their standard outlook sync service so that users can have more specific control on which emails they sync?

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Hi, Mitch


This add-on was removed from Creatio Marketplace since it is no longer supported by the developer.


We indeed published two new Outlook add-ons in the meantime. If you are interested in their functionality, you can request a live demo.

Ivan Leontiev,

What are the two new Outlook add-ons? Just to confirm, are you referring to the Kewl Outlook Connector and bglobal Outlook add-on?

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