Opportunity: filter contacts by job career

Dear mates,

On opportunity detail page, I've added a filter to display only the contacts in the account:

Here is the business rule :

As a result, if the contact's professional experience is not his or her main experience, the contact does not appear in the list.

For example, this account has two contacts :

For Julie LEZORAY, this job is not her main job :

As show on the first image, this contact does not appear in the opportunity contact list because the contact's account is not the main job.

Is it possible to make a business rule based on the contact's professional experience, which would allow the contact to appear in the list even if it's not their main experience?

I can not find the contact career object in the business rules.


Thank you,


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Unfortunately, there is no possibility to use complex filters for business rules setup. We have this idea registered for our R&D team and I will notify them about this question to increase the importance of implementing this functionality.

Hello Sergii,

Is is possible to disable Job Experiences management in Creatio ?


is it possible adding code on the OpportunityClient object in order to select all account's contacts even if the contacts job experience is not the primary one ?

if it is a current job experience, it's enough.


Hello Nicolas,


Simply make sure that both your contacts are connected to the account:

The filtration business rule you have returns contacts related to the selected account and in your case one of the contacts is not connected to the account selected in the opportunity from your example.

hello oleg

that's the meaning of my question

if the contact's professional experience is not the main one, but if the contact is still part of the company, then the system filter doesn't display the contact.

I'd like to change this behavior.

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