newly added section not shown on partner portal


I have added the Projects section to the partner portal, but it does not appear on the workplace.

Please help.

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Hi Ricardo,


There are some sections that cannot be added to the portal - those that are managed by product licensed. The projects section requires license and since such license doesn't exist for portal users - it will not be possible to add it to the portal.




Dean Parrett,


Ok. And what about a custom section I have created and added to the partner portal ? why doesn't it show ?

Hi Ricardo, 


Projects section is a part of sales functionality and requires sales enterprise license. Anyway it will not work for portal users, only for internal employees.

As for custom section, it depends on multiple factors. 

1. The operation permissions are not active for portal users. 

2. You already reached the limit for adding custom sections on portal. If you user has assigned customer portal or partner portal license - most likely you have more than 3 custom sections already or more than 3 custom objects are added to the lookup list of objects available for portal users.

3. If your portal user uses self service portal license, the section will not be reflected for him. SELF-SERVICE PORTAL doesn't allow adding custom sections.


If none of these points fits please approach the support team. It would be necessary to have a closer look what might be the reason.




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