New code editor in 8.1.3 - default tabs to actual tabs and not 2 spaces

I completely love and appreciate the new code editor in 8.1.3. It's an improvement for sure. However, the tabs default to 2 spaces, which is driving me crazy - especially since the code generated by the designer uses actual tabs and not spaces (let alone 2 spaces). This makes it so code I add myself to pages never lines up correctly with the generated code by the designer and it looks completely ugly and a mess to maintain. 

The tabs when typing in the code editor should default to the same thing used by the code generated by the form designer.

Please? This is driving me crazy and my OCD can't take the misaligned code. It's now a mixture of inconsistent tabs and spaces. Plus, it's not consistent with what I am typing. If I indent 4 spaces (since I can't actually add a tab now) then hit return the next line is indented 2 spaces so I have to space+space again (but what I really want is tabs). This is the same with C# code schemas as well.

Thank you!

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I second this!!!

Thirded! Glad it's not just my neuroses getting triggered by having to do any code with the new editor, I was actually copying & pasting tabs for a while to get around it...

If I can give this thread an upvote as well.  I can press tab again after a carriage return, but it's a nuisance.


Thank you for your detailed feedback regarding this functionality. We passed it to the responsible R&D team for review and received a response that they have created a task to improve this functionality based on your feedback. In the next release, this issue will be improved.

Thank you for helping us to improve our product.


Thank you!

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