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I want to know if somebody knows if there some Marketplace or another way to enable "Copy" when I enable on a Section Multiple Pages, a page for example in contact for type=Customer to a Page to type=Supplier or any. If I create a multiple pages lost some special controls like "PhotoTimeZoneContainer", the Section Action Dashboard ( and so on.


Usually, when one wants a Multiple page could be the most of the times, wants to add info or show less one, I think is easier to duplicate the whole object, in this case Contact and delete what one don't need and add some specific data...


Thanks in advance

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Make following pages to use the main page as the parent.

Kirill Krylov CPA,

Thanks Kirill, on the source code? is there any where to do this, because I did it, but have a lot of problem to recognize the change, like Compile All to work!, could you be more specific, please?

Dear Julio,


In order to implement the required functionality you should do the following:

1. Create a main page schema that should contain a common functionality for all other pages.

2. When creating any other edit page, use the main page schema as a parent


As a result, the functionality of the main page is available for all edit pages that have this page as a parent.


You can look at how any section page is implemented as an example. For example, the "AccountSecitonV2" schema has the "BaseSecitonV2" schema as a parent


Best regards,


Norton Lingard,

Hello again


This doesn't works. What's wrong?


I create several pages on accounts, for example, please see at


Later go to the source code schema and inherits from the base one, see before at and after change the parent page at


Clear cache, reloads


Open the account page and nothing


Also I logout, clear cache, login and also nothing, even I compile all and nothing.


Go to section wizard opens page config and the parent page it's ok, but doesn't get the page I need, just an empty one


But if I click, for example on Source code and again on Page, magically I get what I want, but still doesn't work, because if I go back to Section Wizard and save, the page doesn't save the changes see at the following video in








We are glad to inform you that starting from 7.16.2 version you can now copy a section record page and customize it as a separate page. Please find more information about it in the article by the link below (the “USER CUSTOMIZATION TOOLS” chapter):


Best regards,


Norton Lingard,

Hi Norton, doesn't works, if fails. Did you try?, Support inform to me it's will be resolved on 7.16.4. For this reason I need to understand the "old way"



I have just tried to copy one page to another and it worked perfectly on my local instance with 7.16.3 version. Therefore, please consider using this functionality instead of using the old solution.


Best regards,


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