Maximum duration for [Wait for timer] intermediate event

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I want to use Wait Timer element in multiple business processes. I want it to wait upto 28 days. Will there be any issue if I specify 28 days (24,19,200 seconds) ? or is there any recommendation what is the maximum wait duration can be given?



Sourav Kumar Samal

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Hi Sourav,


Please be informed that the [WAIT FOR TIMER] element will not work correctly with such a big value, it will definitely drift off the needed amount of time at some point. Could you please elaborate on what business logic you're trying to implement, so we could try to find a possible alternative for you?


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Hi Mira,


We have a similar case although not so much time, "just" 5 days.
Will the wait timer element not work for a period like this?

Also the expectation is to have several hundred cases that will be simultaneously be in this "wait" mode.




Luis Tinoco Azevedo,


I'm sorry for the confusion, we have double-checked this functionality with our R&D team and they confirmed, that Wait Timer will work correctly even with such a big value specified. Please feel free to try it out and in case you do face any issues, make sure to register a case for our support team.


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