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Is it possible to have an "add from event" item and an "add audience" item in the same campaign?

If the flow for the "Add Audience" item goes to a landing page that registers an attendee for an event, was the attendee captured by the "Add from Event" item?

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Can you please elaborate on your question and give us a bit more details how you want this business logic to work?


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Hi Mira Dmitruk,


  • For branch 1, the campaign participant receives an email with a link to a landing form to register them for event "A".
  • for branch 2 the participants in the campaign are the participants in the "A" event
  • If the Stefano contact receives the invitation email and registers for event "A", does he re-enter the campaign from branch 2?


Stefano Bassoli,

Hello Stefano,


As it may be judged from the screenshot you shared - the contact will not reenter the campaign, as the participant is not exiting when following the flow 1. In other words, participants can't enter a second time until they exited.

There should be an exit element (perhaps with a specific filter set) for flow 1 so the contact will have a possibility to reenter the campaign for flow 2.


I hope my answer was useful for you.


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Denis Bidukha,

thank you for your response,

I will check

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