Lookup filtering - Mobile app

Hi community!

I'm adding a br on the mobile app to filter a custom lookup field based on another field's value.

To do this I have created a separate module and included it in the MobileApplicationManifestDefaultWorkplace.


It's not working on the app.

Could you help me out understanding what's missing?

Here's the BR 

Terrasoft.sdk.Model.addBusinessRule("Account", {
	ruleType: Terrasoft.RuleTypes.MutualFiltration,
	triggeredByColumns: ["Industry", "UsrApplication"], 
	connections: [{
		parent: "Industry", //Lookup field on Account
		child: "UsrApplication", // Custom Lookup field on Account (the Obj UsrApplication has a Lookup column "Industry")
		connectedBy: "UsrIndustry" // Lookup field on the "UsrApplication" obj


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