Link to open product page on Portal


What link can I use to open product page on Portal from link? Product is not a separate section on Portal, but we need to give link to that.


We have tried the same method, like on main site, but links goes to Main page

Thank you!

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Hello Vladimir!


I will presume that you are using OOTB pages to provide you with an example of this logic.


The product has an Id and it is the same for system and portal users. The difference is only the edit page they see.


System user:


Portal user:


There how it is only different by the prefix "Portal" before the %Object%PageV2 part of the link. It is true for all OOTB sections.


With secure routing /ssp/ part is added after  "0":…




What I believe would be the best to use the business process to form links for portal users by using the first part of the link that is the same for all users and the id of the record (string+[macro]):[%Id%]


I hope my answer was useful to you.


Best Regards,


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