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Hello all.


There is an object in my package that isn't opening the form page when I try to create a new record. In Advanced settings, the default page for this specific object displays "Page removed". 


When I tried to replace the "Page removed" with the actual existing & working page for the object, upon Publication I received the following pop-up:




However, when I changed the page setup from the list page (by clicking on the "New" button seen below), the form page would open and function as intended. To double-check that this issue was finally fixed, I checked the page setup again in the Advanced settings. Unfortunately, the same popup & "Page removed" issues presented themselves again but the form page was opening & working.

New button

This problem is presenting issues when I try to export the package that the object is in; I am unable to create new records for the object in the trial instance since there is technically no "form page" for the object.


Any help/guidance on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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Double-check that all elements involved are in the same package you're exporting. Missing elements might be in separate packages.

Review which page the problematic element belongs to and verify its referenced components are also included and accessible.


Review the Addon metadata to ensure the problematic element is correctly defined and linked to the appropriate page.

Examine the addon metadata to confirm the problematic element's existence and its proper association with the relevant page.

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