Kafka integration

I am integrating Creatio with Kafka for a particular use-case where event-sourcing and a distributed commit log are the presiding themes of the E2E architecture. I would like to know if there are any best practices from a Creatio standpoint that would help here. Especially around creating Kafka consumers on Creatio. What are the best ways of working with background threads that are independent of the http context in Creatio? Is it advisable to run a thread that infinitely polls the Kafka server to maintain a persistent connection? Please provide inputs also on how easily such a solution on Creatio can scale from a load and a maintainability standpoint. In the context of a load balanced web farm, are there any important points to keep in mind considering that each node will run a consumer instance that could belong to the same consumer group?


Thanks in advance for all the help...

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Dear Amanthena,


Unfortunately, we don’t have any prepared examples of this functionality. Please contact technical support in order get help with an implementation of the integration.


Best regards,


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