How to stream Resumes from attachment to Resume parsing platform

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I really need urgent help/suggestion in the below scenario-


Candidates resumes are attached in the Contact attachments and I need to stream this file to 3rd party resume parsing platform which can parse the resume/CV and send back the response.

My Findings -

I found a few resume parsing platforms to which If I can pass either file url/file/base64 and then it parses the information.

I also tried to pass the data in the "Data" column of the contact attachment table directly to the parsing platform but it returns an error - "Unable to decode encoded file data"

Challenge -

Not able to read file data from attachment as base64 and convert it to string.

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In Postman I was able to get the content of the file using the following URL (GET request):…


This is the URL that is called when you try to get the attachment from the UI. d95c76f6-64bc-444c-9bfc-1b9cfd4f06e0 is the UId from the SysSchema table representing the object where the attachments are stored (ContactFile, AccountFile, FileLead etc) and the eba29d21-2922-4094-b996-f5c18ee025d1 is an Id of the actual attachment.


This should be also received using some program call (like some integration) as either a plain text or the set of bytes (should be tested). Then the content can be encoded\decoded using something like this…. These are suggestions, unfortuantely we don't have a ready solution for this. 

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