How to stream files into attachment detail using Postman

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I have been reading a lot of threads to understand if we can stream files into file detail using postman.


According to…

Odata will not be a viable option

According to

FileAPIService cannot be used to pass binary content via postman.

Are we right in understanding that to stream files via API, we need to create a custom service?

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You can use FileApiService/UploadFile.

You can find examples in this discussion.

Dmytro Vovchenko,

what is the 




You can find information here.



I'm using the 8.06 version / application section and now all the files save to the SysFile table,

I manage to post a file with postman but I can't connect it to the right record where the details of the files are 

you know how can i do it with the new version? with sysfile table

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