How much size do text fields take? Performance impact?

Hi community,

I would like to know more about the amount of space next fields take in database (cloud version):

For example, Text(250) field holds a string of 70 characters. How much space would it take in bytes? 

What if the value is null?

If we have 20 custom Text columns for Contact object, how much do they affect the performance? For table of 10K-30K rows. And if they are null for bigger amount of contacts?

For the section table (Account, Contact) of 10K-30K rows, what should be... hmm... the strategy of creating new custom fields for better performance? As an option, instead of adding the columns to Contact object we may add them to a separate detail object, but that increases complexity.

Should we consider much about that?

Thank you.

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Dear Yuriy, 

We haven't performed such precised tests, however, the size of the string field is approximately 2 bytes per character. You can perform tests yourself populating columns in sql and evaluating the difference in size of the table. However, the value of the field itself doesn't affects the performance of the system. The amount of columns may affect the performance of the system depending on how often and in which volume you get the data (how many records and how many columns) as it loads an sql to the certain extent. However, 20 text fields shouldn't cause much trouble. There are some ways of optimizing this based on what's said above, e.g. when you use Read Data element in the Business process we recommend to read only columns that are further used in the system. 

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