How to lock a column in a lookup object after saving a record?

Dear community,

We have a lookup table with 4 columns -A,B,C,D

Once a lookup record is added and saved, columns B & C must not be editable. Is there a way to achieve this for this specific lookup?
In latest versions, I see that read only setup has been removed from object configuration.


Thanks in advance!

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Hello Shivani,


Making a (lookup) column editable on the record page only under specific conditions is possible with a help of business rules for a specific section. 


As for the lookup (lookup object) itself it's possible to set column permissions for a specific user or roles as on the screenshot 1:

However, as of now, it's not possible to lock columns for a specific lookup dynamically (after adding the record to a lookup itself) with a help of basic system tools. 

We have registered a corresponding query for our R&D team and will be awaiting for the implementation of the mentioned functionality in the upcoming versions. 


Best regards, 


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