How do you trigger the validation messages in Freedom UI?

I'm looking to trigger page data validation in a specific circumstance from code. I've found that you can use


within client event handlers to trigger the OOTB fields validation for the page, but this just returns an object representing any/all errors in validation for the data. What would make sense to do in our use case after that would be to trigger the NotifyService message you usually see when saving fails due to such validation checks, but I can't see how to trigger it/how to fetch the string that should be shown in the message. I located a method that looks like it is performing this task for the OOTB save validation, called getValidationErrorMessage, which would be passed the request context and the error object returned by the validate function, but this method doesn't seem to be available for use.


Has anybody had any luck with triggering validation in Freedom UI and then displaying the OOTB message based on that validation result? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We're currently running on 8.1.0

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If I'm not mistaken, you can use simple OOTB validation that is described here…

Hi Dmytro,


This doesn't give us a way to trigger the validation manually though unfortunately. What we were trying to achieve was to show the validation message to users without saving/trying to save the record at that point in time. We ended up making our own very basic error message that shows the results returned by


if there are any and stops the user progressing in our custom path, but it would be good to be able to tap into the OOTB error toast message so it's a little more detailed and polished.

Harvey Adcock,



Unfortunately, so far, we don't have the functionality to trigger the OOTB validation snackbar-message without saving /trying to save the record. 

We have registered your suggestion, and our R&D team will consider implementing it in future releases.

Thank you for making our product better!


Best regards, 


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