How to check the health of a Mailbox

I'm trying to debug an email lister for a client.

But in the Email Listener Service Diagnostics, within the Checking mailbox health section.

When I select a mailbox, send a test email and run diagnostics it returns an error "One or more errors occured".

How do I check what these errors are?

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What checks can be performed in such a case:

  1. Verify the mailbox parameters in MailboxSyncSettings table to ensure that the tokens are correct.

    Select * from "MailboxSyncSettings"

  2. 1Try reauthorizing the mailbox. If basic authorization is used, provide the mailbox credentials again.

    2.2 If OAuth authorization is used, execute the script:

    update "MailboxSyncSettings" set "ErrorCodeId" = '5f906e1c-9521-45df-8e43-82b5109e0e4d' where "Id" = '*mailbox_id*'

    This will trigger an error message in CTI Panel . Then click "Connect mailbox again" in the error message that appears in the communication panel.


  3. Check the application logs and microservice logs for errors after reconnecting the mailbox.

  4. Ensure that the Email Listener settings are correct and that you are using the new version 1.0.17, which is available in the article.

  5. It is also important to verify that the settings on the provider side are correct.

If you encounter any other errors, please contact the support service.

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