how to call the super class method implementation

Hi community,


Few year back someone overrode this save method as you can see in the below attached image.

now this has became  a third party schem for me.


I want to remove this implementation(what all written inside save), because it is restricting the user from saving the record now.


What I have tried is creating the replacing client schema for the above schema and again overriding the save method as : 

save : function() 



but it didn't worked.


Now, what all I am trying to do is to call the base implementation of Save method by skipping all the overriding implementaion therefore I also tried this : 

save : function() 



but it didn't work either.


Can someone help me how can I achieve this.


Many thanks!


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Dear Akshit,


save : function() should have solved your task. Have you debugged the code to find why it did not work?


Best regards,


Hi Angela Reyes,


Thank you for the response,


I haven't tried to debug this code.


I thought there is some way to call the base implementation of Save by skipping the overriding versions of the same(Save method).


So according to you below should work : 

Save : function () 





Ok, I will debug and will respond back here.






If you want to call the base save function then you don't need to override the save function at all. Without overriding the system takes the base save function and executes it. But if you need to store some additional logic upon saving the record you need to callParent the parent save function and then your additional actions that the code is supposed to call. 


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Akshit,  Hello ,

Did you find a solution to this problem

Thank you 

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