how to call ready made web service in c#

Hi all
I have created a web service that accepts values from a third party server. Next, I need to transfer one value from the request to the section field.
How do I call my finished web service in C#?

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Are you talking about a service created in the configuration or in the "Web services" section?

Dmytro Vovchenko, in the web services section


the question is how to set up its call in c#, so that in the future to use its result in one of the fields of the section


Alexandr Bezbozhnov,

As far as I know, currently, there is no direct way of running this sort of web service from code. However, you can run it inside a business process and you can run this process inside C# code using

ProcessEngineService.svc, with it you even can get the result values of the process.

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