How to automatically run a script/ process after installation?

Dear Community,

There are some system settings, email templates which we would like to change according the environment in which the package is deployed. For example, we want to change the URL in email templates to that of BUAT/Production URL. Is there a way to automate this process? Is it possible to run a Business Process/ Stored Procedure exactly once, as soon as package is installed successfully?



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Dear Shivani,

When you add a web link or object link to your template, they are saved in Html code of an indicated template in <a href="">name</a> tag. The link in a tag is static and within template transfer, it will not be changed. 
This functionality did not include the logic of creating all-purpose links, which would work when migrating templates to another environment.
This has been already reported to our R&D team so they can work on implementing the needed logic upon future releases.

Best Regards,
Ivanna Yatsura

Ivanna Yatsura,

Hi Ivanna. Follow up question reg Package installations and entity events -…

Request your inputs. 

M Shrikanth,


You will be updated on the corresponding post shortly.

Best Regards,
Ivanna Yatsura

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