How to add existing object to the portal


Could you give exact way how to add existing object (not a section, but additional one) to the portal?

1. I add the object to lookup 'List of objects available for portal users'

2. I add all fields of the object to lookup 'List of schema fields for portal access'
3. I add list with this object to the Main page of the portal
4. Object has no restriction of access rights (Operations and Records)

But portal user on the Main page doesn't see any data in that object - just empty list.

What else should be done?

Thank you!

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I've found that if:

1. Set Access rights by Operations
2. Give Access rights for Portal users
3. Recompile everything

Then object records are visible on Portal. 
Is it correct, that Access rights by Operations are mandatory to display object on Portal?



Access rights in Creatio are distributed according to the “least access” principle. This means that portal users are prohibited from everything that is not given direct permission.

After adding an object to the "List of objects available to the portal user" lookup, you need to check the rights to create/modify/delete operations and the rights to the columns for the added objects.

You can find more details on managing access rights on the portal in the article on the Academy:…

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