Hide "System Designer" option from Left panel

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I want to hide the "System Designer" option from the hamburger menu on the left panel (highlighted in yellow). Any lead will be appreciated. 





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It's not possible to hide the System Designer option with basic system tools.


Still, you may simply limit the access rights for this role or not grant any administrative rights or access for this role, this way even though the user sees the System Designer they won't able to apply any changes to it or open the corresponding System Designer sections.

More detailed information about access rights and system operation permissions can be found in corresponding articles on our Academy. 




Is there any schema I can refer if I want to hide it using development tools?




Sourav Kumar Samal,

An easy cheat way to get rid of it is to hide it with CSS

.menu li#system-designer-menu-item {
    display: none;


Sourav Kumar Samal,


there is also another approach:


1) Create a module in configurations called UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule with the following code:

define("UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule", ["UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModuleResources","LeftPanelTopMenuModule"],
    function(resources) {
        Ext.define("Terrasoft.configuration.UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel", {
            alternateClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel",
            override: "Terrasoft.LeftPanelTopMenuModuleViewModel",
			loadItemsMainMenu: function() {
				var mainMenuItems = this.get("MainMenuItems");
				this.set("MainMenuItems", mainMenuItems);

2) Add the UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule module as a dependency for BootstrapModulesV2 module:

define("BootstrapModulesV2", ["UsrLeftPanelTopMenuModule"], function() {
	return {};

3) Refresh the page and check the result:

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Ryan Farley,

Where to add this CSS ?

Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

For CSS that I want globally available in the application I use MainHeaderSchema.

Oleg's solution is great too, however does require overriding the BootstrapModulesV2 which can cause issues if there are other things that are needed to be loaded there from ootb modules. The CSS approach is a bit "hacky" but gets the job done easily.


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