Help to parse a Json I get from a webservice to variables can after introduce to a Creatio Object

Hello I'm getting in a process the following string from a webservice and I want to parse it to and object where can I get the elements the json bring to me, for example I get:

{"version":"1.6.0","autor":"","codigo":"uf","nombre":"Unidad de fomento (UF)","unidad_medida":"Pesos","serie":[{"fecha":"2020-04-09T04:00:00.000Z","valor":28630.63}]}


And I need to parse to get:



How can I did it?



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Hello, Julio!

Please see the article below on working with the web service response:…
If you want to do this differently, you can call web service with a standard C# tools using a script task element and process the response body in a script task. Also, for more flexibility, you can call the web serviced is a script task. Here is an article with an example:…

To parse JSON in script task you can use the following article, for example:

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