To generate report in PDF

Hello, Community 

We have requirement to generate Report in pdf format.
I have searched also connect with the Creatio support team. And I found Marketplace Application as link below. 


But unfortunately to use this on  big scale we need to buy Subscription.


So I want to know there is any other way to achieve our goal? Like development or creating custom script to generate to convert Docx to PDF.

If there is please do let me know.

Like 2



Hello Meet!


Unfortunately, this marketplace feature is available only via subscriptions. This tool is the only one that can provide PDF export without any development required.


The second option that we can recommend is setting up Fast Reports. Please navigate by this link below. In addition, please note that setting up Fast Reports requires minimum development skills.…


Hope this helps!


Thank you! 

Hi Danyil,


Please don't take this the wrong way, but this is clearly one of the few features that Creatio has "desaccelareted".


There was relatively simple way to implement this with the "convert to PDF" option.


We have won projects were we assumed that this feature would be available and after several requests from many users it is still not implemented.


Fast reports has a really long learning curve and the effort cannot be compared to the simple convert to pdf feature that was available before.


 There is still and open answer from Oscar Feb 2020 on this thread:


"Currently our R&D team is working on implementation of this feature in an out-of-the-box version and we hope that it will return back very soon. We are very sorry for any inconveniences caused."


Do you have an ETA for this? is it still in the development pipeline?




Since 2019 this feature was removed from Creatio. It is an urgent MUST HAVE!

Hello Luis Tinoco Azevedo,


Please be advised that starting from version 7.14.2, the ability to download printable forms in PDF format has been excluded from Creatio.

Please note that customers who are upgrading from previous versions of Creatio which had Aspose components in their system available will have the print to PDF feature working as before.

Our R&D team is informed on this case and they are doing their best to ensure that the upload forms in PDF format will be present in future releases.
I am sorry to say, but I have no possible ETA on this feature being implemented in future updates.

As a workaround, for those users, who need the information from the forms un-editable for other users upon download, I may recommend a printable Word template with limited access using a password to perform changes to the file.
This will ensure that no one would be able to change the Word file without knowing the password.

I hope this helps!
Thank you for your questions, 
Have a great day!

Hi Danyil,


Thanks for the reply and the sugestion on the word with password workaround but unfortunately it does not help a lot.

The expectation from our customers is to have this "basic" feature on the core of the product and not throw some paid add-on.

And our expectation, taking in to consideration that there thread going back one year ago that this is in the development pipeline, is that this feature would be available by now.

So please, I have to insist, what is the expectation for this feature to be implemented? We really need a concrete answer.




Luis Tinoco Azevedo,

Thank you for your sincere concerns regarding this matter!

Please note that Creatio had to remove the 'generate to PDF' feature from the platform as the Aspose library is provided only via subscriptions.


I have contacted our Product Owner questioning the implementation`s ETA of this feature. 

Please be informed that this process is of great concern on our end and it is currently in development. I would be able to provide the exact ETA in several weeks.

Thank you for your comprehension!
Hope you have a great day!


Thanks for the feedback and for checking, I'll be looking forward to hearing some positive news from your side.




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