Freedom UI DCM

I am experiencing the following issues with Freedom UI Dynamic Case Management:

  1. Tasks for the initial default stage (set using the configuration page) do not show when a new record is created, only showing when the record is saved.
  2. The task window is too small to show the whole task and has to be scrolled to get to the complete button.
  3. The progress bar does not automatically update to the next stage when tasks are complete in the previous stage (although the stage does actually progress, the tasks showing for the next stage, and the progress is correct when re-entering the record).

I'm not sure the Freedom UI is usable if DCM is required unless there is some way of fixing at least 1. and 3.

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The same bugs (1. and 3.) occur with a classic UI DCM progress bar and Next Steps panel as well,  Creatio version

Gareth Osler,

We kindly ask you to contact support directly in order to resolve the beforementioned errors within the environment you are working at.
You can contact support by emailing 

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