Filtering Email Recipients When Emailing from Case

Is it possible to create a filter on the "to" and "cc" and "bcc" columns of an email form when you are sending an email from a case?

Specifically I am looking for a filter based on some criteria from the case.


For example, if the Account for the case is Company A, then only show contacts in the "To" column of the email form if those contacts are from that account.

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Hello Mitch,


You need to test two following scenarios:


1) Create a lookupListConfig parameter for the "Recepient" attribute (should be created additionally) on the replaced EmailPageV2, creating a Terrasoft.FilterGroup in the parameter and specifying filtering conditions.


2)  Replace the getLookupConfig method from the base EmailPageV2 and override it in case the columnName is "Recepient".


One of these two approaches should work.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thanks for the insight.

I see these two business process are responsible for sending an email.


STEP 1 :  When a new case is created BP - Incoming email registration process : Triggered to send a notification to User 

STEP 2 : When the status of the case is modified/updated BP - Send email to contact on case status change, is triggered and this is linked to another Sub-Process BP - Send email to case contact.


I see that the reply is sent to all the recipients and I want reply email should be sent only to the sender (Who raised the request)

i.e., only for TO recipients and not for CC recipients

Hello Bhoonalan, 

Please enable Features CasesOnlyRespondToSender  and SendOnlyToContactEmail .  For MSSQL, use following script:


DECLARE @featureCode varchar(max) = 'Feature code',

 @featureId uniqueidentifier;

set @featureId = (select top 1 Id from Feature where Code = @featureCode);

IF @featureId is null


 insert into Feature

  (Name, Code)


  (@featureCode, @featureCode);

 set @featureId = (select top 1 Id from Feature where Code = @featureCode);


delete from AdminUnitFeatureState where FeatureId = @featureId;

insert into AdminUnitFeatureState

 (SysAdminUnitId, FeatureState, FeatureId)


 ('A29A3BA5-4B0D-DE11-9A51-005056C00008', 1, @featureId);

This script enables the feature , or creates the feature if it's not created on your instance 

Also, please enable sysSetting AutoNotifyOnlyContact.

Best Regards,



One workaround is to edit the 

VwRecepientEmail by adding the account name to the Contact Name field.

This way the user can search by account using the ContactName field.


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