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in the 7... versions business rules managed the filtering for the lookups, but in the 8.1 version I couldn't find it there. This is the previous article: Filter values in a lookup field | Creatio Academy


I would like to select only Managers from the contacts when I connect the Opportunity to the contact.


Thanks, Timea

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I think is still in Business Rules. If its a lookup associated to the main entity you should be able to do it there. Check in the sidebar that you can add BRs for the page and for the entity. The filtering of the lookup should be in the second one.

If its a lookup inside an editable list then I'm not sure how to do this. Before that was done in the detail BRs but here I'm not seeing how.


Unfortunately, there is no option to filter lookup fields in the same way as in the Classic UI.


We've added it to our R&D team's backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases.

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