Filedesign mode build error

Hi comunity,


I've an issue when I work in filedesign mode and git repository.

When I update my local dev environment using "update from file system" I received several error when I run a "compile all" action.

The errors are similar to this:

Type 'xxxUserTask' already defines a member called 'CancelExecuting' with the same parameter types


The issue raises because in the Terrasoft.Configuration.Dev.csproj there are more class which contains the same member:

  1. \Autogenerated\xxxUserTask.yyyBase.cs
  2. \Autogenerated\xxxUserTaskSchema.yyyBase.cs

I tried deleting the file nr. 1 from csproj, the build from Visual studio works fine, but if I run the "Compile all" the deleted file appears and the build fails.

Can you suggest me how to solve this problem correctly?

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I found the error.

If I don't set correctly the maintainer on system settings, the "update from file system" action does not work correctly.

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