Feedback page to be displayed - Needs portal license to SSP user?


I need one clarity.

When the user clicks on the emojis in feedback email sent to customer, for displaying the "Feedback" page with provision to enter comments and submit, do one portal license need to be given to "SysPortalConnection" user? 

is this a mandatory thing? Any workarounds by not giving the portal license?




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Hello Krishna,


Yes, you should distribute a portal license to the SysPortalConnection Creatio portal user to set up the customer satisfaction evaluation. 


You can find more detailed instruction on how to configure Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) evaluation in the following Creatio Academy article:…


Please, let us know in case you have any further questions. 


Best regards, 
Olga Avis. 

Olga Avis,

Thanks Olga

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