Execute business process logic in a separate browser window

Hello Community,

I have created a button in a MiniPage which via the ProcessModuleUtilities executes a business proccess.


This business process has simple logic, its reponsible for opening a preconfigured page.


I want that when clicking the button, the preconfigured page is opened in a new Browser Window

How can that be achieved


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Hello Sasori,


There is no option to achieve the task required in your case unfortunately even using NetworkUtilities or message sending from the server to the client. I've registered this as a suggestion to our core R&D team so they could add this feature in the next application releases. Thank you for helping us in making the application better!

Hello Oleg,

Thank you for you quick reply.


As a workaround for the solution of this businnes need can be the answer to this community post that i have created


I have managed to open the CityPageV2 in a new tab


openNewTab: function () {
				var requestUrl = ["http://localhost:9004/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#CardModuleV2/CityPageV2/edit/"]
				 window.open(requestUrl, '_blank');

But my last problem is that i want to open the page in ADDMode not EditMode. Shpuld i modify the requestURL ?

Sasori Oshigaki,


this is what I was talking about - there is no way to open a preconfigured page inside the process since it has no particular link, it's a business process page. When you add a new record to the city pay attention to the link in the browser and you will see that it's not changed.

Oleg Drobina,

When i click new from the Modal Window

I am redirected to the CityPage in ADD mode

If I mimic this behaviour from that custom button that I have Created, and place it in a new Browser Window, I can achieve my business need. 

I know that the responsible method is getSelectionControlsConfig in LookupPageViewGenerator schema.

But can you provide with a similar example ? Or a workaround to achieve my business need ?

If you still think that there no way of doing this, i will interrupt my research.

Your help is much appreciated Oleg.

Thank you

Oleg Drobina,

I managed to solve the business need via a workaround. Thank you 

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