Ensuring customers are not pulled into campaign twice.

We have a campaign that pulls new members that have purchased product A. They run through an onboarding process and upon completion based on their journey in the campaign flow, they exit the campaign. See below.

Is there a way (filter criteria) to ensure that those who go through the process once do not go through it again if they make a future purchase? Thanks in advance for any insight.




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Ryan Farley,

Thank you kind sir. Greatly appreciated.

Make sure this option on the element to enter the campaign is NOT checked (which is the default). Then it will prevent contacts from re-entering the campaign even if they fit the criteria again. 


Ryan Farley,

Thank you kind sir. Greatly appreciated.

Ryan Farley,

Question, since this campaign I noted above will be duplicated to run quarterly, will that have any impact?

If you have different, separate campaigns hat have those same conditions, the system will only know if a contact has entered a single campaign before (it doesn't know anything about whether you want to prevent a contact from entering those). You'd need to add to the conditions for entering the campaigns that the contact wasn't a participant in the other campaigns.

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