Enrich contact/account data

Hi in 8.0.6 i don't see Enrich contact or account data button like was in previous creatio version. It was deleted in new version or maybe i can find and add to my account page ?

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Hello Arkadiusz,


For the 8.0.6 version, a new page of the contacts and accounts is enabled by a default and this functionality is not available on the new interface. However it's still available for the old sections if for example you were using this functionality and further updated the system to 8.0.6 version, the old page should be available for you.
And if it's a brand new site deployed with 8.0.6 version (trial site for example), it'll have new UI and this functionality won't be available on it. Still you can disable new page interface if needed to proceed with this functionality. 


Let me also mention, that for the contacts, starting from 8.0.2 version, this functionality is disabled by a corresponding system setting. 

Best regards,

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