Enable OAuth 2.0 authorization for custom configuration web services

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I am trying to enable OAuth 2.0 authorization for configuration web services on a on-premises Creatio v7.17/MS SQL instance. I followed this article and got stuck at Point #3 (Creating default resource). Has anyone been able to enable OAuth 2.0 successfully?? Pls find below some details reg my use case - 


On trying to add a default resource from the Creatio GUI, we get an error. Ref "Error.png". There is no mention of having to change/fix 'IdentityServerClientId' and 'IdentityServerClientSecret' system settings in the Academy article. The article only mentions OAuth2.0 settings. I went ahead and set the same ClientId & ClientSecret in the above two system settings also. The same error continues.


I have attached a few files for your reference - 

  1. 'Error' log file.
  2. 'OAuth20' log file (It says [BadRequest] invalid_scope)
  3. appsettings.json file used to setup IdentityService.
  4. There is a console error which says Ext.JSON.decode is unable to decode the JSON string. However gives no info reg which JSON string it is speaking about. Ref "ConsoleError.png"
  5. Pls find below value of all relevant system settings - 
    1. OAuth20IdentityServerUrl & IdentityServerUrl - "http://localhost:90" (This is where IdentityService is hosted)
    2. OAuth20IdentityServerClientId & IdentityServerClientId - "bpmonline-designer"
    3. IdentityServerClientSecret & OAuth20IdentityServerClientSecret - "665b6f638c2da3ecc5d3a1868eb9352f6e01ee4a"
  6. Few other data points - 
    1. Creatio installation website is still on HTTP and not on HTTPS. 
    2. Identity service website supports both HTTP & HTTPS. But setting the HTTPS url as the Server URL errors out.
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There are a few possible root causes of the issue and it's hard to tell the exact one only with the information provided and with no access to the instance. 

Please contact our support team via an email: support@creatio.com and submit the support request so we could check all the needed details. 

Thank you in advance!

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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Thanks Anastasiia. I have already done that

M Shrikanth,


I have the same issue. Did you find any solution?




Mohamed Ouederni,

No yet Mohammed. I have written to Creatio support and the issue is yet to be resolved. 


I'm having the same issue, too...did you or creatio support find something out?




Hello together,

I have successfully configured OAuth 2.0 authorization on my localhost. I had the same error as you, to check ClientId and ClientSecret. After checking with Creatio support, the problem was in appsettings.json with Clients part of configuration. I have copied Client block of code from Step 10 of this article into appsettings.json (\"AllowedScopes\": part was missing) and after that successfully Generated default resource. Please try that and let us know if it worked. Thanks.

Getting the below error ,could you please help on this.

We are able to integrate.Just need a small change need to give  Authorization server Url for OAuth 2.0 integrations http://localhost:5000/
need to go to root dirctory of identityService and run dotnet IdentityService.dll in cmd or terminal

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