Drupal integration with CREATIO

Has someone ever integrated CREATIO with a DRUPAL website ?


You want to be able to capture leads from the DRUPAL website and automatically add the leads into CREATIO.


Several options :

- Creatio LP code added to the website

- Zapier

- Piesync

- others...



Thanks for your responses...


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Hello Francois,


Hope you're doing well.


If I understood your request correctly at the moment there are no such Marketplace applications/add-ons which would allow connecting the Leads generated by Drupal sites to the Creatio application. Thank you for giving a nice idea! We have created a request for developing and further implementation of this kind of functionality for our R&D team.


At the same time as a possible solution, the JS script which is being used for HTML sites (on the Landing page in the Creatio application) should be converted/translated to PHP.


Best regards,


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