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is there away to customize Freedom UI to have multi select on dropdown. I am working on "product elegibility criteria" and this type of feature is important to us. Classic UI is not an option to us. 


please advise on best approach and practice

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The drop-down in Freedom UI does not currently support multi select. For now, you'll have to code something yourself using the multi select capabilities of the lookup dialog instead, this article should help get you started: https://customerfx.com/article/invoking-a-multi-select-lookup-dialog-on…



The possibility to use multi-select lookups in Freedom UI is registered as a feedback and will be available in future releases of Creatio’s platform.

At this moment, you can check the materials for Classic UI:

Marketplace solution:


And a link to the community post where this issue has already been discussed, perhaps it will be helpful to you:


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