Disable New email account button

I need to allow only some authorized users to add new email accounts.

I didn't find any feature or operation permission that could allow mailbox creation only to certain users or groups. I only found something regarding managing shared mailboxes.

How can it be done?


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Hello Massimiliano,


Ability to add mailboxes to the system can be limited through the "System Designer" -> "Object permissions" -> "Mailbox synchronization settings".

This way you can temporarily or permanently limit the ability to add mailboxes to the system for a specific user or role. 

Also, if you are using one of the latest versions of a system you can do the following:

1) Add all the mailboxes under one system user, for example under Supervisor.

2) Supervisor user can perform all the needed settings for the mailboxes, for example from which folder exactly emails should be synchronized.  

3) After that Supervisor user will set up the access rights for the mailbox ("Allow Shared access" setting in the mailboxes settings). 

This way user will be able to work with emails, but will not be able to apply changes to it's settings themselves.


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Anastasiia Zhuravel,

I tried giving object permissions only to system administrators but my test user is still able to add a mailbox: the UI reports a javascript error and the mailbox creation doesn't complete (see image below), but it's not what I expected.


Is there something I'm missing or that object permission doesn't work as expected?


Hello Massimiliano,


This is the correct behaviour. There will be no notification about missing access rights, only the loading screen, but the user will not be able to add the mailbox. There is already a request created for our R&D team to add a meaningful notification for users, it will be implemented in future releases. I have assigned your request to the project in order to increase its priority. As for now, the solution described by Anastasiia is the only option.


Best regards,


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