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Hello Community,

We want a default quick filter to be applied always to a detail (AccountContactsDetailV2) in the Account section. This filter should be permanent like this:

This academy article is only appliable for Sections and not details…

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I am not sure how to add the default values (so the user can remove them) since it is a per-user thing, but if you always needed the filter values set for the detail (and not allow the user to remove them) you could filter the detail using ESQ filters as shown here:…


Will quick filter component in Freedom UI 8.0.8 allow this maybe ?

(Beta in 8.0.7: Quick filters. It is now possible to apply custom filters to one or more Freedom UI lists on a page using the [ Quick filter ] component. )

Ryan Farley,

Hi Ryan. The idea is to apply the quick filter for the detail (like for sections)

Through this coding applied in AccountContactDetailV2_:

onRender: function() {
				this.set("IsDetailFilterVisible", true);
				this.set("IsFilterAdded", true);
				this.set("IsShortFilterFieldsVisible", true);
			getFilterDefaultColumnName: function() {
				return "Left";

I have managed to bring the detail in this state (printscreen) every time the pages renders:

Do you know if it is possible to put also a default value, when the detail renders ?



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