DCM cases not appearing in portal Page

Hello Creatio Community !

I created a portal Page which inherits from Application Form Edit Page. Cases workflow do not appear in portal page. Printscreeen below

In the original application form the cases appear. printscreen Below

How can this be corrected in Portal. Is this some permission issue ?

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Hello Petrika,

It's possible to add DCM panel for the portal user by following the instruction on our Community:


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Bogdan i believe the article is outdated. For example the object "Case status changed actions" didnt exist at all in nowdays versions of Creatio


Unfortunately, we don't have new examples of such implementation.

So, you can refer to the post by the link in the previous comment. 

Please note, that we have already registered the idea for our R&D team to implement this functionality in further releases. I will assign your case to this project in order to increase its priority.  

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I tried the operations described in the article and they didnt work.

I think there is some modifications that needs to be done in Operation Permissions and Object Permissions Bogdan. 

Because when i deploy the same portal page in another instance (which has an empty database) the cases appear !

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