Data Binding Tool allows duplicate bindings?

Recently looking at using the Data Binding Tool on the marketplace ( ) to make binding Section List and Detail column setups easier, but it appears that you can bind column setups for the same Section List and Culture multiple times for the same package. This isn't possible when binding column setups normally, as you get a validation error which prevents the saving of the data binding due to the record already being bound in another data binding. Is this a defect? Does anyone know what will happen if this duplicate data binding is imported into another environment? Presumably one will be installed before the other, so you may end up with the old data binding if it happens to be installed last.

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Hi Harvey,


I have also faced the same issue and as far as I know, this does lead to problems.


We therefore only use the data-binding tool to make the creation of the bindings easier. When changing bound data, we go to the data tab in the package and open and save it to update its contents. 

Renaming the created data bindings to something more meaningful than the GUID also helps to identify them again.


Hope this helps!


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Hello Harvey,


You can check duplicates after saving a data binding. When the "Data was bound successfully" message pops up, click "View details" and save the data binding once again. If the binding holds any duplicates, a standard validation page opens.


I have forwarded your suggestion regarding the check for duplicates to the responsible developer team.

Thanks for the reply Andre, that sounds like a useful best-practice to follow when using the tool then. It would be very helpful if the tool itself were able to pass on such errors automatically, but I can see that programmatically checking whether data has been bound twice would be quite difficult! It would be a real benefit to the tool if it could be done, however.

Hello Harvey,


Creatio developers are currently migrating the basic data binding functionality to the new UI. The team responsible for the "Data binding tool" add-on will consider possible functionality improvements after the release of Creatio version 7.17. Due to UI framework migration, any new improvements that they make right now can be rendered obsolete in the new release.


Thank you!

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