Dashboard of emails received for cases

Hello team,


I would like to monitor the synchronizations of email addresses opening incidents in Creatio.


I would therefore like to create a dashboard indicating for each of the email addresses declared in MailboxForIncidentRegistration the number of emails received per day.
Except that I don't know in which tables the received emails are stored, can someone help me on the subject?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Dear Vincent,


Thanks for your question. 


To display the number of cases registered by email, you may build the dashboard with a filter by Case Source and Case Category that were indicated in lookup "List of mailboxes for case registration". 


In case you wish to build the dashboard based on email from which the case was registered, please consider creating a column where the info about emailbox will be recorded and saved. 


If additional questions arise, feel free to get back to us. 


Best regards,




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