CSAT rating email URL redirection leads to Creatio Error

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On clicking the feedback CSAT ratings in https release environment we are getting the error seen in the following link

(At this point I am unable to add attachment :( )

The system settings are correctly configured (The URL that gets redirected is right). Could you please let us know the reason for this error and what we can do to resolve it?


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Please check if your SysPortalConnection user has the portal license assigned to him and also check if the password for the SysPortalConnection is the same as the password specified in the UserManagementSauPassword key of the root/Terrasoft.WebApp/Web.config file.


Also what message is logged in the application logs at the moment you click the link? Also do you click the link directly from the case processing tab or do you receive a feedback email and click the link from the email? Because clicking the link from the processing tab of the case is restricted for company employees and can lead to this error (secure case evaluation, logged-in company employees cannot rate cases).


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