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How do i set the "default" application when using the Clio tool for Creatio? I have a couple of application environments set up and am assuming there should be a way to set up one of them as the default? Below is an example of a command that does not work for me


For download package to local file system from application use command:

clio pull-pkg <PACKAGE_NAME>
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Hello Allen, 


Thank you for your post!


The Command-line interface for Creatio tool has been released by third-party developers. To receive a proper solution, please, contact Advance Technologies Foundation team at with a detailed description of your issue. 


Also, you can contact our support team at and we will forward your request to the developers of the application on our own.


Let us know in case any further information is required. 


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Hi Allen,

you can register an environment by using this command:
clio reg-web-app "MyCreatio" -u "http://localhost:88" -l "Supervisor" -p "Supervisor"

Then, you can set it as the active environment by using this:
clio reg-web-app -a "MyCreatio"

Check it by using
clio show-web-app-list

The output should be the following:

"appsetting file path: C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Local\creatio\clio\appsettings.json"

  "ActiveEnvironmentKey": "MyCreatio",
  "Autoupdate": false,
  "Environments": {
    "MyCreatio": {
      "Uri": "http://localhost:88",
      "Login": "Supervisor",
      "Password": "Supervisor",
      "IsNetCore": false,
      "Safe": false

And don't use <> with the commands...they are just used in the documentatin as placeholders.


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