Creatio calendar is not showing the "Join" button with the Meet link for synced tasks with Google Calendar

Hello everyone!

The issue i'm facing is that tasks synced from Google Calendar that are meetings and include Google Meet links are not displaying a "Join" button within Creatio. This makes it difficult for users to easily join these meetings directly from Creatio.

Here's how it should look like:

but this is how it is currently looking like:

this meeting already has a google meet link attached to it, as you can see in the next screenshot:


Here are some additional details about the issue:

  • -The tasks in question are synced from Google Calendar.
  • -The tasks are identified as meetings within Google Calendar and have associated Google Meet links.
  • -Despite being meetings with links, there is no "Join" button available within the task view in Creatio.

I would appreciate if anyone has faced this issue in the past, and how to solve it :)

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Mirla,

Thank you for reaching out. We've thoroughly examined your issue. Unfortunately, there is currently no automatic addition of a meeting button for Google Meets sync activity.   

Let me explain the logic of this functionality in more detail. When you add a meeting link to the activity “notes” field with a meeting link, this button is automatically displayed. 


As a workaround, when you create an appointment in Google Calendar, you can add a link to the description in the meeting details. And in this case, during synchronization, this data will automatically be transferred to the "Notes" field in Creatio and the Join button will appear automatically.


Additionally, we offer a connector on the Creatio Marketplace that may address your business needs: .

However, we understand that this solution may not be ideal for you. Rest assured, we have already registered an idea for the development department to create this functionality.

Thanks for making Creatio better! 

Halyna Parkhomenko,

I see! thank you for the workaround and all the info! 

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